What's your Pro Wrestling name?

Thanks to Betty I've just been cracking myself up discovering my pro-wrestling names. Depending on whether I use my online name or real one, if I were a Pro Wrestler I would be called:

Big Ace
Sheik Grinder

They have a certain ring to them, don't you think? Click here to discover your wrestling name (and post it in a comment below so I can join you in your laughter).


Rhys said...

King Kong Sterling - Now thats got a real nice ring to it

PaisleyJade said...

Blogging name: Shapely Star
Real name: Amber Medusa


Rachel Kate said...

Jane Val or Lovely Dutchess hahaha like, what?

Neen said...

Okay I am Sweet Nova or Diamond Latina!!! Don't sound like strong wrestling names at all. If I was male it would have been Professor Stink Face believe it of not!!!

Anonymous said...

Major Awesome! (your big brother)

lesmondj said...

Real Name: Dark Ice
Blogger Name: King Terminator

How fun was that!

jacksta said...

Can't beat the legend "Drake the Snake." Semi finalist in the great wrestling match of 2000.