Hip Chess for retro kidults

Chess rocks. I was in the chess club at school. I once had a very expensive medieval chess set. I love chess. Alas, I can count the number of fellow chess-loving-enthusiasts in my current circle of friends on no hands... zilch. nada. zero.

Imagine my delight when my 7 year old son came home from school last week and said, "Dad... can you teach me how to play chess?"

Parental bliss.

And so, having a re-kindled desire to go out and buy a Chess set which oozes awesomeness, I've been doing some research... and it seems that Chess for retro kidults is now very, very cool indeed. The problem is, you need a lot of money to be that cool. Looks like I'm gonna have to start saving ;-)
Spider-Man Deluxe Pewter Chess Set: $499 (USD)

Aliens Deluxe Pewter Chess Set: $374.99 (USD)

Lord Of The Rings Collectors Chess Set: $649.99 (USD)

Lego Ultimate Castle Chess Set: $300 (USD)

Star Wars Collectors Chess Set: $599 (USD)


Jon Dylan said...

I love chess but am not particularly amazing at it. While in the States I saw pretty much all those chess boards you posted, and yeah, they aren't cheap. Pity too, because they're awesome!

Check this . . . the same guy that did that "subliminal advertising" clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evZmpsl3jI0

PaisleyJade said...

And now he's in the chess club at school too, and the other is a school librarian ... your heart must burst with pride!

Symon Burton said...

Awesome clip Jon! Remind me to give you a wad of cash to buy awesome stuff for me next time you are in the States ;-)

Jon Dylan said...

The hardest part is cramming it all in your suitcase at the end. But I don't think those boards were quite as expensive as in your post at the place I saw them, so yeah, next time I'll hook you up.

Rachel Kate said...

if i could understand the game i'd play it... im a checkers girl haha

Symon Burton said...

I hear that girls have bigger suitcases. All we have to do now is make friends with one from the US who is intending on visiting NZ soon... You don't know of such a girl do you Jon?

Ellymay said...

One worry B is for Burton what happens when 7 yr old beats Dad!!