Crochet rocks! (Thanks to Woo)

Yes, you did read the post title correctly. I, Burton... former mocker of crocheters worldwide have changed my ways. I have seen the light, and I owe it all to Woo!

This guy has actually succeeded in turning me from one who was embarrassed to be in the same car with my wife while she crocheted, to someone who not only is okay with crochet... but who now thinks crochet ROCKS!

Be sure to check out his blog, his work is very impressive, and he is absolutely hilarious!

PS - Howie... do you have the instructions for those awesome grenades?

Green 'round Grenades from WooWork on Vimeo.


i cant sew said...

really unique and innovative. amazing stuff
%*_*% rosey

Rachel Kate said...

u neva seem to amaze me... the depth of a man. classic :)

Sophie said...

Hillarious! That's made my day!!

Jon Dylan said...

That is some funny stuff!

Sophie said...

Happy Birthday Symon!

Polka Dot Daze said...

Haha - nice one! Happy Birthday to you!