Revenge of the Weta!

New Zealand Giant Weta

A year ago I confessed to blogosphere that I was scared of spiders. Over the space of three months, I willed myself to tolerate them, and now actually like them in a warped kind of way. You can read my journey from considering spiders eight legged freaks, to eight legged furry friends here, here, and here.

Confession time again... I'm not fond of Wetas either.

When I was five, a lone Weta terrorized my primary school. I, being the bravest of them all, climbed up the tree where it was scaring us witless with its pure horror and crushed it with a rock. I faced my fears, saved the day, and then faced Weta pulp. Problem was I felt ashamed for what I'd done and my fear for Wetas only grew.

Last night a discovered a Weta on my back doorstep (perhaps a descendant of the one I murdered seeking vengeance?). As I am 'not of those who shrink back' I picked it up, got Paisleyjade to get photo proof and have now begun a new journey... overcoming my fear of Wetas.
The plan:

1. Make a Weta Motel
2. Pray hard that I don't get bitten by Wetas
3. Handle Wetas
4. Kiss a Weta
5. Overcome fear of Wetas

Dad, will you join me?
My not-so-giant New Zealand Tree Weta


PaisleyJade said...

You forgot to mention the bit about you wailing for help from outside afterwards cause the weta was stuck to your hand and you couldn't get it off...

i cant sew said...

*laughs at paisleyjades comment* crickets, no strike that giant crickets FREAK ME OUT!! i think i saw them biting through some sort of stalk with TEETH and that was the end off me.
good luck with the plan

lesmondj said...

Nice one Syms, you are an inspiration. And good on ya PJ for keeping it real.

Rachel Kate said...

man this post cracks me up... wish i was scared about some sort of insect. then i could blog about it and the joys of overcoming! good on ya for facing your fears though and for a supportive wife tehe

Symon Burton said...

Rach. Honestly now, would you voluntarily have a Weta crawl over you... cause I can arrange that once my Weta Motel's open for business.

You could blog about the joys of having read a great book and reviewing it on Flannelgraph...

Jon Dylan said...

That monster weta looks like some ridiculously exaggerated animal out of the evil forest in Princess Bride.

Jon Dylan said...

One day you should conquer your fear of the Wairua falls ;)

Symon Burton said...

laughs out loud