2012: The end is near

I simply cannot wait to see the upcoming movie '2012', coming to a big screen near you on November 13. I must say, although CGI drenched, the trailer looks absolutely awesome.

For those of you unfamiliar with the current cuffufle about the year 2012, let me enlighten you. Apparently, the ancient Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012, marking an end of a 5,126-year era. That's it folks... and many people are quite literally freaking out that Dec 12, 2012 will indeed be doomsday (and in the meantime Columbia Pictures are using the opportunity to make a few bucks).

Do I believe the world will end in 2012? No way Jose. My reason? Because the Bible says quite specifically that no one knows when that day will be, not even God the Son (Jesus Christ), only God the Father (Matthew 24).

So I ask you... Do you place more faith in an old Mayan calendar, than in the infallible Word of God? Unfortunately, it would seem that many people do.

Getting back to the end of the world... The Bible does tell us to be ready for that day... and I am hoping that if nothing else, this movie will make people think about what is important to them, about eternity, and if they are ready to meet their Maker.

Peace Out.


Rachel Kate said...

oooh looks exciting!

lesmondj said...

Nicely said.

I'm keen to see it with ya BTW :)

sewfunky said...

looking forward to seeing it...

Kate said...

I took out one from the video shop the otherday thinking it was this one..didn't read the cover properly..it was actually a low budget Christian film. It was bad..I mean real bad..and weird message?! Don't watch it unless you want to laugh! Looking forward to the real big budget version too! :)