Google is the Antichrist

Now that I have your attention...

We have a sign on our church building that says 'Jesus is the answer', but I wonder if we unconsciously believe that 'Google is the answer'?

I must confess, that if I want to find out anything about anything... where do I go first?


In fact, anything I may want to do online, I can do through Google.

Email? Gmail.
Advertising? Adwords.
Make money? AdSense.
Start a blog? Blogger.
Shop? Froogle.

The examples are endless (click here to see the full list of Google products).

It cannot be denied that Google has successfully infiltrated every aspect of our lives, and it's almost as if we have become dependant on Google as our IT surrogate mother and cannot live without her.

Should we be concerned at how globally intrusive Google is becoming? Let's face it, if your local terrorist network is frequently using Google's free satellite imaging app. to accurately identify targets, then yes, you should be concerned.

Does anyone else think that taking photos of every street in the western world is a little obsessive (and creepy)?

Is there some sort of whacked out conspiracy happening right under our noses? Could Google be the affront for world domination? If I was an evil 'take over the world' kind of guy I would be taking Google very seriously. Check out the images below.

Indeed, the plot thickens.

(and just for the record... no, I don't think Google is the Antichrist).


Rachel Kate said...

This post is awesome :) and good to think about... It definitely is scary how they have so much power and access into people's lives!

PaisleyJade said...

You crazy guy!

Jon Dylan said...

You forgot the part about their stocks closing at 666 a few times. It's even proven in the scriptures that google is the Antichrist... "The enemy will come dressed as an angel of binary ." "You shall know the truth by googling it"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, that is the Zelda tri-force

Anonymous said...

When you google you will eat the fruit of knowledge, like Adam and Eve.

There is GOOd fruit and biLGE