Flashback Friday

It is 11:52pm and I'm sitting at the computer half asleep. A couple of minutes ago I was snuggled up in bed and Paisleyjade asked me if I had written a blog-post today. I hadn't, so here I am. Sleepy, cold and half-naked. The things we do for fame.

Anyway. The above pic was taken in early-mid 80s. and there are several things very wrong with it.

1. The stubbies
2. The shirt tucked into the stubbies
3. The bowl cut
4. The buck teeth
5. The bike bell

Can you spot anymore?

Over and out.


Jon Dylan said...

6. The wedgie

PaisleyJade said...

7. The fact there are no spokey-dokes on your wheels

lesmondj said...

I so wanted a Grifter! Or a Scrambler. Or a HMX 500...basically anything but the Raleigh 20 that I got :(

Neen said...

Um the massive bike seat!!!!???

lesmondj said...

Neen, that is the essence of a Grifter...