Halloween revisited

Yep, it's that time of the year again, when young Jimmy pleads with his mum to buy him that blood-splattered-glow-in-the-dark meat cleaver on display in the toy store's window.

Halloween is 2 weeks away, and once again I'm concerned at the amount of parents encouraging their kids to participate in a celebration which has its roots in pagan devil worship.

I wonder, as Mary delights in how cute her 5-year-old daughter looks in her which's hat and broomstick, does she have any idea what that broomstick was originally used for?

Probably not.

I've spent the morning revising the Halloween origins study. It is now up to date, and relevant.

Click here to view the PDF.

Please read it through, and even if you don't agree, you will understand it's origins.

God bless.


Little Dee said...

I wonder how my work would feel about a copy of that sermon on the noticeboard in our lunchroom?