The Mair Park Bigfoot pays off

Many moons ago while surfing Amazon's Listmanias I came across an author by the name of Jeremy Robinson. To cut a long story short, he was running a viral video contest to promote his new book, Pulse. I bribed my good buddy Lesmondj into spending a Saturday afternoon in the bush and what eventuated was two versions of the now infamous Bigfoot attack video (over 10,000 hits now on Metacafe and YouTube).

We won by a landslide, the closest (and only) opponent trailing by 9000ish hits (but who's counting) and I was delighted to recieve the promised books last week.

A massive THANKYOU to Jeremy Robinson for the very generous prize (and for forking out mega moolah for the postage). Please check out his site here.

And for all those dying to know how the movie magic was created, here is some Bigfoot Attack Footage trivia...

1. No, the Bigfoot wasn't real. There was more than one concerned person thinking the footage was authentic. Lesmondj and I must have the mean acting skills (and girls dig guys who have skills...).

2. The entire attack scene was done on the first take... with an imagined Bigfoot, yes imagined, not real.

3. Jon Dylan used his computer hacking skills to overlay the Bigfoot sound effects (purchased from Itunes for $1.79).

4. Apparently, the Bigfoot growls sound identical to a real Bigfoot, as one reader commented (as she deals with them on a daily basis - seriously).

5. The Mair Park Ghost legend is mostly true.

6. On the short version, Yes, the blood was real... from my nose. Don't ask.

7. The rotting bone at the cave's entrance (tedious version) was stolen from my dog.

8. Lesmondj spent the majority of the attack scene voluntarily lying in a puddle of water. The mark of a true friend.

9. There was no script.

View the short (and exhilirating) version below:

Footage of Bigfoot Attack? - Click here for more blooper videos

View the long (but informative) version below:


PaisleyJade said...

You crack me up! Alas, my few books no longer fit in the book shelf...

Rachel Kate said...

hmmm, there's a way to fix that kristy :) donate some hehe

Jon said...

Finished Horseman yet?

lesmondj said...

Good times! If u have any other whacked out conspiracy ideas, count me in! Thanks for the very generous pile of books too.