Save the fluffy bunny!

I remember dissecting a rabbit at high school... while my friend fainted. Good memories.

Now a couple of decades later, at approx 8:01pm I stumbled upon a fluffy bunny in desperate need of life-saving surgery... with only a minute to operate.

Talk about pressure.

The story has a happy ending (after three attempts). House would have been proud.

Click here to operate on fluffy bunny too ;-)


jacksta said...

I cant believe you have a twitter account!

Jon said...

FWIW, I reckon Flannelgraph should get one. For the monthly giveaways and reviews and stuff.

Jon said...

I wonder if the rabbit had any NDE's while being unconscious so many times.

lesmondj said...

Got it on the second attempt...not bad :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Author !
Excuse, I have removed this phrase