Burton's evolution of musical taste

Being a child of the 70's my taste in music was influenced by my older siblings - Disco Europop.


The 80's started with a bang, and like most kids my age I whittled away many a Saturday cradling my poor-man's 'Ghetto Blaster' listening to Casey Kasem's American Top 40.

Too many classics to mention but one band pretty much sums it up:


The 90's began, and so did my guitar playing. Overnight it seemed my taste in music matured from cheesy pop to Christian heavy metal...

King's X

King's X would still be one of my favourite bands if it weren't for their public turning away from the Christian faith.

Someone must have been praying for me during this time because folk music started to be played on my system more and more...

Keith Green

During the 90's and early 2000's because of my loathing of 'artificial music', I simply refused to listen to, let alone buy any band that featured a keyboardist. One band caused me to repent of my syth-descrimination...


The early 2000's showcased some simply amazing New Zealand guitar driven worship - which I might add, has shaped my music style permanently. Props to Dean Rush (Form), Bruce Conlon (Eight), Brian Platt (Solace), and Mark Bourgeois (Elephant). Amazingly, all of the above attended the same church in Auckland.


One band has dominated my stereo in recent years: David Crowder Band (which genuine Christian isn't a fan of him?)

David Crowder Band

2010 is just around the corner, and where is my taste in music heading? I'm not too sure, but thanks to a good friend of mine, my latest musical purchase is reminiscent 80's disco synthpop.

Owl City

And so, my life defined by music genres...

1970's - Disco
1980's - Pop
1990's - Christian Heavy Metal
2000's - Guitar Driven Worship
2010's - Reminiscent 80s disco synthpop???

Full circle it seems. (I don't know whether to laugh or cry ;-)


PaisleyJade said...

You crack me up! And that is rather scary...

Rachel Kate said...

hahaha that's awesome. hmmm so true that you can go around in circles with tastes in just about everything...

Jon said...

I have to admit, you were the most unlikely convert I ever pictured enjoying Owl City with me!

Arna said...

Owl City ROCKS. gets in your head tho

Neen said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry either! Whatever will Seamless be playing next year?