Mysterious Mr. X and the perfect body

A doco screened recently which showed that only 2 women out of 60 had the 'perfect' body proportions for their size. 

  • 3% = perfect body proportions.

If only 3% of women have one, that means that 97 out of 100 have 'imperfect' body proportions (imperfect being the opposite of perfect).

  • 97%= imperfect body proportions.

The dictionary defines the word 'imperfect' as:  characterized by faults, mistakes, etc.; defective.  Not good news for you ladies reading this who are in the 97%.

Good grief.  Have any of you actually wondered who decided what was the perfect body shape (and what wasn't) in the first place? 

Let's call him (or they) Mr. X.

Fact #1: Most people are slaves to Mr X's personal opinion.

Whoever Mr X. is, he sure wields a lot of power...  Or perhaps we give him that power when we choose to believe he is right?  Has anyone actually taken the time to think if Mr. X is wrong?  Have we become so stupid that we absent-mindedly believe what he says without any hesitation?

Fact #2: Mr X can't make up his mind.

The 'perfect' body seems to change from generation to generation. Breasts, the waist, buttocks and legs have all been in or out of fashion. Women (and men) have subjected themselves to endless bodily transformations, ridiculous contraptions, and dangerous fads followed to force their bodies into fashionable shapes (as highlited in the book "Vanity: A Very Peculiar History")…

  • 450BC: Lean muscular physique (Greece)
  • 1400s: Small bust, big stomach (Europe)
  • 1600s: Cellulite, fleshly rounded figures (Europe)
  • 1800s: High rounded bust (Greece), Fatness & large stomachs for men (Germany)
  • 1870s: Large backside (Western Cultures)
  • 1900s: Wasp waist - ridged corset distorted spine's alignment (Western Cultures)
  • 1920s: No bust - chest flattening corsets, Boyish look (Western Cultures)
  • 1960s: Adolescent figure (Western Cultures)

How much of a hold does mysterious Mr. X have on you?


Rachel Kate said...

Great thought provoking post... It's so true though. Even if you don't want to conform and be affected by "Mr.X's" opinion, you quite often are without even realising it! Thank God for husbands and dads who tell their wives/daughters they're perfect just the way they are :)

Kate said...

Hmm..looks like I would have rocked the 1920's. Darn.

Jon said...

Hey Mr. X, your name is quite catchy, you could get a generation named after you.

Arna said...

Kate. Your awesome.
Pure awesomeness.